Behind the Scenes Aerial Shoot. Central London

Welcome to our behind the scenes on-location shoot of Central London (June 2020) with Ian Leslie, MD from High Level  Photography.

We receive a lot of queries regarding the equipment we use, what happens on the shoots, and how it all comes together, so here it is!

This is my vlog debut, so enjoy, and please be kind!

HLP Vlog 1 June v5


In this shoot, we had 9 sites to visit in and across Central London. We had perfect weather conditions which allowed us to explore some interesting views of eerily empty airports, a sun-kissed Hyde Park, and a freshly opened Oxford Street, ready to take in the first shoppers as lockdown began to lift!

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 11.47.45

High Level Photography - Vlog - London June 2020 - Oxford Street

High Level Photography - Vlog - London June 2020 - Empty Airport

High Level Photography - Vlog - London June 2020 - Hyde Park

We will look to provide regular project updates moving forward, so if there is anything you would like to see, or better understand please comment below or get in touch with me or the team and we will endeavour to include this in our next flight vlog. 

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As ever, I am always interested to hear your views, reach out to me directly.



MD, High Level Photography


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Ian Leslie

Ian Leslie

Director, pilot & professional photographer specialising in producing high quality stunning photography and video

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