The Surrey Advertiser group has used a photograph taken by Ian Leslie, Director of High Level Photography, to illustrate a news story about the proposed Cobham Motorway Services on the M25 in Surrey.  The Photograph was taken by Ian, who is a local resident of Cobham and noticed that none of the news stories illustrated the imapct the development would have on surrounding land.

Rebecca Conoop Price covers the story


Proposed site of M25 Cobham Motorway Services Area in Surrey, June 2010


M25 Proposed Motorway Services Cobham, Surrey, (c) Ian Leslie / Highlevel Photography
The pictures, taken by Ian Leslie, of High Level photography, show the 60 acres of lush green fields where the station will be built.“NEW aerial photographs of the site in Downside which has been earmarked for a giant M25 motorway service station show just how much green belt will be destroyed.


The services are destined to be one of the biggest in the country, featuring a hotel, retail area, 721 parking spaces and petrol pumps.


The bright green mark on the photograph to the north of the motorway shows where a circular slip road will be built, while the bright green area to the south shows where the services will be located. ” Read more on this story at Get Surrey


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