High Level's Aerial Photography Photos Make Front Page News

It was not by chance that the High Level Photography team was flying above Heathrow this morning.  We were there to witness and photograph the delivery of British Airways’ new super-jet, the Airbus A380.


Save for a another helicopter in the distance, we were the only chopper with authority to be in this highly restricted air space to witness the new admiral of the BA fleet emerge from the clouds, soaring above London on its maiden flight from Toulouse.


For a time we were flying in tandem, our helicopter “David” against this “Goliath” of the skies.  From this position we were able to photograph this next chapter in British aviation history as it made its descent into Heathrow.


By the virtue of our helicopter and our abilities to shoot from the air we were able to record this milestone and present the first aerial photographic images of the BA Airbus A380 coming into land at its’ new home, with the full context of its great size set against its surroundings, building and cars like toys in its shadow.


Hot Off the Press

Within minutes of our chopper landing the photographs were uploaded to our news agency for onward sale to the general media.  They are now being used to illustrate articles in most of the UK’s major newspapers online.  As the only aerial photographer to witness this great delivery from above, we expect the photos will be in demand tomorrow and syndicated around the world, a record of engineering greatness and yet another evolution in passenger travel.














Working the System

But, why were we there?  Why were there no other aerial photographers in the skies to witness this huge news event?  Why? It is because at High Level we know to be in the right place at the right time.  We had no commission to shoot, but we recognised a major picture story opportunity.


And we didn’t just happen across this event.  The air space above Heathrow is highly restricted to private aircraft.  We know this. As with all our aerial work we know to plan in advance. It is vital in our business to have foresight, planning and knowledge.


Without this, it doesn’t matter what equipment you have or how great your photography is.  If you don’t have access, you simply can’t have the photograph you need or want to witness or visually describe a place, event or situation.



High Level Photography Image (top left) featured in the Daily Mirror 5/07/2013



High Level Photography's Image featured in The Independent  

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