We Have Reached 5 Million Aerial Library Images!

The History of the Library

Since the launch of our aerial photography service in 2012, we realised the need for creating a searchable database of aerial imagery. As our Director has a keen interest in both photography and aviation, High Level made the move to Fairoaks Airport in 2008. After operating in a rented Cessna 172P (callsign G-BIOB), which had previously been used for aerial photography and surveys, the company went ahead and purchased it in 2014, thus allowing us to expand our aerial library exponentially; in 2014 alone we took over 1.3 million images!


Blue and yellow Cessna 172 with the registration G-BIOB High Level Photography's Cessna 172

The Right Tool for the Job

With the purchase of G-BIOB, we set to creating a camera rig that we could position in the back of the plane. As the plane had already been modified with three “portholes” in the body , one either side and one in the floor of the plane, it was the perfect set up for us to position three cameras that took pictures remotely as we flew along. With the addition of these three remote cameras, our UK-wide coverage soared, and where before we were coming home with around 1000 images, we now come home with an average of over 10,000 images! In addition to G-BIOB, we have chartered helicopters to capture photos of London and the surrounding areas, and have an enviable collection of London imagery including stunning night photography and breath-taking sunrise shots.


An evening photograph of London City with bright lights An evening photograph of London City


An evening photograph of a silhouetted London skyline with the sun setting behind it The Silhouetted London Skyline at Sunset


Onwards and Upwards

As the years progressed, it became the norm for us to take over 1 million images a year, until finally in 2016 we hit our own personal record with nearly 1.5 million photos taken in one year! Now in 2017, we’ve reached the impressive milestone of owning over 5 million images, and our photographic coverage of the UK has never looked better. Whenever we get a library request from a client, we will almost always have the perfect picture; with over 5 million to choose from, and free, fast and friendly personalised searches carried out every day, you are spoilt for choice!


A photograph looking down on the Angel of the North The Angel of the North in Low Eighton, Gateshead


Library image looking from the Needles in Freshwater across the vast expanse of hills that make up the Isle of Wight The Needles, Isle of Wight


HLP_R_170418_5783_LR Looking straight down at Stonehenge, Amesbury


Iconic-Britain_Aerial_Photograph__HLP_B_150427_3380_LR Oxford University


Aerial-Photgrpahy_Bristol_HLP_R_150731_6719 Colourful Houses in Clifton, Bristol


Iconic-Britain_Aerial_Photograph__HLP_B_151008_3458_LR Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham


Aerial-Shot-of-Gunwharf-Quays---Portsmouth The Spinaker Tower and Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth


Iconic-Britain_Aerial_Photograph__HLP_R_150715_5630_LR Manchester Library in the City Centre

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