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Behind the Scenes with the Drone Team at London Waterloo

We were recently commissioned by an architectural visualisation agency to produce view photography for a new development in Central London. A...

Quick Guide: Drone or Plane?

Behind the Scenes Aerial Shoot. Central London

Welcome to our behind the scenes on-location shoot of Central London (June 2020) with Ian Leslie, MD from High Level  Photography.


Lockdown lessons: Commercial property industry driving positive environmental change?

Commercial property hit worse than the great depression?

Brace yourself for more negativity in the commercial property press

12 Years Since New Beginnings

Celebrating 12 years of being under the ownership of Ian Leslie, we look back at our humble beginnings and see how we’ve evolved with an...

Only use approved commercial drone operators or you could be out of pocket – warns CAA

If you are paying someone to fly a drone you must check that they have the necessary safety approval, or you could be paying for an illegal...

A Day in the Life – On assignment with a High Level Photographer (Part 2)

Time to venture inside.

From our experience we find that apart from the ever unpredictable UK weather, internals can be the most problematic and...

A Day in the Life – On assignment with a High Level Photographer (Part 1)

Camera bag checked, cards formatted, van packed, weather checked - ready to go. Another day in the life of a High Level photographer setting off...

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